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Cleanup Walk for Monday September 24th, 2012

Just Lisa C. again this time. But a neighbor along 31st Ave NE may walk with me for Thursday’s cleanup.

Today, I brought along CJ the greyhound. We saw a loose dog on the corner of NE 133rd and 31st Ave NE. Good thing CJ was with me, because that was the interest that the golden lab needed to come in close. She had a leash on, so we snagged her. She’s strong!

I also recognize her from a previous escape/neighborhood wander attempt. ¬†She has a tag with home phone number. Alternately, she’s known down the way at the doggy daycare (NE 133rd and Lake City Way NE). So you can drop her off there if no one answers the phone at her home.

Walked up 30th Ave NE from 130th-135th. Collected lots of beer cans.

Also found a drug bag.

Walking around helps neighbors by locating lost pets! Sasha is frequent escapee.

5 beers cans collected along 30th Ave NE.

drug baggie, green with gold crowns

Would you like to join Lisa for a cleanup walk? Send me a message in the contact form. The hours are getting shorter, so walks will be scheduled earlier in the evening. Today, I went out at 4:30 to miss the rush hour traffic along 30th Ave NE.

See the full report log.

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