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First Walk and Cleanup Report

We’ve yet to schedule our first official neighborhood walk. But Lisa C. went down to the Ace Hardware Store and picked up a trash grabber for $20 to prepare for future walks.

On her way home, she found a syringe in a tree planter on 31st Ave NE/NE 130th. Not feeling good about leaving it there, she went home and picked up a pail to do a dry-run of what future walks might be like.

The focus area was from NE 130th to NE 133rd between 30th-31st Ave NE.

The walk took about 30 minutes total.

Cleanup Results

2 Syringes

4 Beer Cans

1 Wine Bottle

1 drug baggie

1 small bag of variety trash

Talked to two families with very young children about syringes lurking in grass along roads and along the outside of our yards.


Be advised that IV drug users toss syringes into the grass. Remind children to NOT wear open toed shoes when walking the neighborhood, request they stay on sidewalks when possible. Syringes may not have covers and can stick tender feet. Be careful about taking shortcuts into grassy areas around street corners (NE 13oth and 30th Ave NE). This is where many syringes are deposited.

Future reports on Cleanup Walks can be found here. Checking back weekly can give you an idea in trends of public drinking and drug use in our neighborhood via the waste collected.

2 syringes, 4 cans, 1 wine bottle, 1 drug baggie

Syringe did not have cap, located in area where many children travel from school bus drop-off to home.

This is a baggie used for marijuana, heroin, meth, crack or cocaine. The red markings are a graphic depicting dice.


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